Backtest Your Model
Backtest your investment strategy by going back in time and placing transactions in different dates. See how much return or loss you would have made at what level of risk.
Add Long/Short Positions
You are not limited to long only strategies. Now you can long and short positions according to the requirements of your investment strategy.
Analyze Model Risk
You don’t only analyze the return profile of your investment strategy but you can test what returns you can have at what risk.
Export Model Report to Excel
Excel is the best friend of investment managers. Now you can export your model to excel sheet for more further offline analysis. Every single detail will be exported to excel sheet so you can have all the analysis that you want.
Monitor Social Sentiment
What are the crowds saying about this stock? What is being tweeted about this stock in the meantime? What are the latest headlines on this stock
Return/Risk (Resolution)
Not only you can have your Annual returns, but also you can check the quarterly returns, monthly returns and even the daily returns. In addition you can check the risk ratios based upon daily, monthly and annual resolution.